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Riccardo Bassoli is a Juniorprofessur (US Assistant Professor, UK Lecturer) at the Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks and Head of the Quantum Communication Networks (QCNets) research group, at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at Technische Universität Dresden. He is member of the Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-loop (CeTI), Cluster of Excellence, Dresden. He is also member of the EU Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) and the EU flagship for 6G Hexa-X II. He is principal investigator in the 6G-life research hub of Germany. He was member of the EU flagships for 6G Hexa-X. He got his Ph.D. from 5G Innovation Centre at University of Surrey (UK), in 2016. He was also a Marie Curie ESR at the Instituto de Telecomunicações (Portugal) and visiting researcher at Airbus Defence and Space (France). Between 2016 and 2019, he was postdoctoral researcher at Università di Trento (Italy). He is Senior Member of the IEEE and ComSoc. He is also member of Glue Technologies for Space Systems Technical Panel of IEEE AESS. He is co-founder and member of the association “SIGN – Scienziati Italiani in Germania Network“.

Research interests: Application and integration of quantum communication, computing, and sensing technologies in future 6G networks and the Tactile Internet. Quantum technologies for the Internet-of-Things and for 6G three-dimensional networks. Design and realisation of in-network quantum computing and realisation of hybrid quantum-high performance computing scenarios. Quantum-6G network simulation and emulation.

          Supervisor: Prof. Rahim Tafazolli

          Co-Supervisors: Dr. Seiamak Vahid and Prof. Jonathan Rodriguez

          VIVA Examiners: Prof. Hamed AlRaweshidy and Prof. Chuan H. Foh

          Ph.D. Transfer Examiners: Prof. Muhammad A. Imran and Dr Haitham Cruickshank

  • Master’s thesis: Study of Error-correcting codes for AIS satellite system

           Supervisor: Prof. Giorgio M. Vitetta

  • Bachelor’s thesis: Study of Optical Burst Switching with ns2 simulator

           Supervisor: Prof. Maurizio Casoni