Dynamic Architecture based on UAVs mOnitoring for border Security and Safety (DAVOSS)

NATO European geographic area includes very long coastline, exposed to more than one ocean and sea. Moreover, the European eastern border is very long (more than 6000 km) and includes complex regions to be controlled. Because of that, huge staff and resources need to be employed to monitor such a long border to avoid illegal entries and unwanted situations.

Military forces utilize advanced technologies to monitor those borders. However, limitations are due to the number of people that can be deployed, to the governmental infrastructure, and to increasing costs. Thus, worldwide interest is growing to use advanced technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, to improve coverage, effectiveness, efficiency and to reduce expenses. Despite the potential benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles, there are still several open issues to be addressed. These are mainly related to effective data/information collection, communication and processing. Moreover, regulation about data access requires the efficient selection of authorised personnel to read and elaborate sensitive information. Finally, the network of unmanned vehicles needs to adapt to unwanted events, attacks and network dangerous states to guarantee optimal quality of monitoring experience: eventually, the network should be capable not only to detect but also to prevent dangerous network situations.

The aim of the Dynamic Architecture based on UAVs mOnitoring for border Security and Safety (DAVOSS) project is to advance the current monitoring networks based on unmanned aerial vehicles to help to overcome some of their technological limits. The project focuses on the study and design of a virtualised cloud-based network architecture to enhance capabilities of current border surveillance and counter-terrorist operations based on different kinds of peripherals, unmanned aerial vehicles and microsatellites.

(NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, in the framework of the project SPS G5428 2018-2021 ”Dynamic Architecture based on UAVs Monitoring for Border Security and Safety”)

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