Chapter in 3D Future Internet Media

//Chapter in 3D Future Internet Media

Chapter in 3D Future Internet Media

Chapter 9: IP-Based Mobility Scheme Supporting 3D Video Streaming Services


Presently, a large proportion of the Internet traffic is multimedia streaming. Moreover, there has been a vast proliferation of multimedia–capable mobile devices equipped with multiple radio interfaces. In particular, it is foreseen that by 2016 Video Streaming will account close to 70 percent of consumer mobile traffic. A major challenge for the future mobile Internet is the delivery of 3D multi-view video as it involves a large amount of data and is vulnerable to losses and end-to-end delay. Thus, it is of great importance to investigate the impact of IP Mobility Management to 3D Video Streaming. In this chapter, the mobility protocols proposed by IETF to support IP Mobility will be presented and compared analytically. Moreover, the impact of the most well-known protocols in terms of PSNR on 3D Video will be assessed and evaluated through simulation. Additionally, as existing networks are becoming more and more heterogeneous the recently released IEEE 802.21 for media independent handover (MIH) will be presented. Finally this initial approach could be improved by adding network coding (NC) in order to correct errors and erasures. Thus a novel NC-MIH protocol based on subspace coding that guarantees reliability of transmissions at MIHF layer, independently from transport protocols or acknowledgement mechanisms in use will be introduced.
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