Resilienz für das Quanten-Internet

Resilience for the Quantum Internet


The future Internet will coincide with 6G networks as a network of networks. This network of networks will connect the human world of senses, body, intelligence and values with the digital world of information, communication and data processing as well as with the physical world of objects and organisms. This represents a major challenge for the design of the future Internet, which is of central importance for many social and economic areas. In the new services of the future, Q-TREX supports digital twins, telepresence, interaction with robots, the tactile Internet, and human-machine interactions. New resilient network technologies that are resistant to attacks and disruptions are needed to secure large-scale data use. For resilient communication systems, a combination of classical and quantum technologies may offer a promising solution, as they are particularly powerful, secure, and energy-efficient.

Goals and Methodology

The project Resilience for the Quantum Internet (Q-TREX) aims to make quantum communication usable for public communication networks in research and industry by integrating quantum communication into future 6G networks and existing fixed networks. In this way, a quantum internet is to be made possible in the near future. The focus is on the investigation, design and realization of an integrated end-to-end resilience for the future classical quantum Internet. The Q-TREX project will support the sustainable development and integration of quantum technologies into quantum 6G systems. The hybrid network of classical and quantum technologies will be particularly investigated under three aspects: security, availability, and reliability. Within a test field to be set up, the overall resilience of the hybrid network will be tested. To this end, local networks in Berlin, Munich, and Dresden will be connected via the test field and new procedures for classical and quantum technologies will be designed, combined and demonstrated.

Innovations and Perspectives

The results from the Q-TREX project will be used for nationwide, private, and business customer-oriented public communication systems. The project defines the design of resilient quantum-classical communication networks and thus makes a significant contribution to the introduction and standardization of the future Internet and 6G. In the process, Germany as a business location benefits by training specialists in the field of communications and quantum technology and by strengthening digital sovereignty with regard to the aforementioned key technologies.

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