Ein Quanteninternet der Dinge

A quantum internet of things


The digitalization of our society is progressing at an increasing pace. For example, an ever-increasing number of devices have network connections, enabling them to exchange information with each other and thus respond optimally to user demands. This Internet of Things, and the increasing exchange of our data that goes hand in hand with it, places ever higher demands on the security of our communication networks. New technologies are needed to meet these demands. Previous network-enabled devices regularly exchange data with each other. Currently, however, they encrypt their data on the basis of cryptographic protocols, which are exclusively based on the finite performance of today’s computers. As a result, there are limits to the maximum data rates and data security that can be achieved with these protocols. The use of quantum states in a quantum communication network offers a novel solution. Here, data is encrypted and exchanged with each other using quantum states of light based on fundamental laws of nature. This allows messages to be transmitted securely and quickly in the future.

Goals and Methodology

The project Quantum Internet of Things (QUIET) aims to develop a hybrid quantum-classical communication network. In the interaction of distributed quantum states and classical transmission, (quantum) sensors are to be networked. In this way, the performance and security of the network will be significantly increased. All layers of the network, from the physical layer to network protocols, will be considered. In the project, leading research groups from the fields of quantum communication and network technology are working intensively with companies from the telecommunications sector with the “Quantum Communication Innovation Hub”.

Innovations and Perspectives

The project will demonstrate the numerous applications of distributed quantum states for secure communication and performance enhancement in the future Internet of Things. The hybrid network developed as part of the project will enable quantum technologies to be united with existing telecommunications infrastructure. This is a decisive step towards the commercial implementation of quantum communication technologies in Germany as a high-tech location. After successful project completion, a demonstrator will show the advantages of a quantum network of things compared to current system designs. By taking a comprehensive look at the network architecture, use cases will be identified and the standardization of such networks will be promoted. The project thus makes an essential contribution to the development of quantum communication infrastructures and thus to the technological and digital sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

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