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Quantenunterstützung für leistungsfähige Campusnetze

Quantum-assisted for high-performance campus networks


Campus networks will enable efficient collaboration between people and machines in industrial environments in the future. Digital twins, augmented and virtual reality, and haptic communication will require extremely reliable communication with low latency. However, classical technologies are reaching their limits. It is therefore necessary to explore new communication and computing resources already today. In this context, quantum communication offers completely new possibilities due to properties such as the no-cloning of quantum information or quantum entanglement, in which changes to one system are simultaneously transmitted to a distant system. Thus, future requirements for reliability, trustworthiness, security, resilience, low latency, and precise synchronization can be achieved and guaranteed.

Goals and Methodology

The goal of the Quantum Wireless Campus Network (QD-CamNet) project is to demonstrate the first 5G quantum campus network. Quantum technologies will be seamlessly integrated into the existing 5G campus network to achieve unprecedented resilience and time synchronization, which are the pillars of future Industry 4.0, Tactile Internet and future 6G networks. To this end, quantum routers compatible with existing communication infrastructure will be developed and realized for use outside the laboratory. For this purpose, on the one hand, the entire quantum protocol stack will be researched and developed, which not only regulates the communication between the quantum routers, but also provides functions for applications, for example. On the other hand, the associated novel network architecture must also be developed and implemented. The result will be a test platform for testing real industrial application examples.

Innovations and Prospects

Campus networks are of great economic importance for industry as well as for the technological sovereignty of Germany and the EU. In the project, the first quantum campus network will be created, thereby decisively shaping future industrially important specifications. In addition, a globally unique hub for teaching and training quantum engineers in Germany will be created. In this context, the 5G Quantum Campus Network will provide a unique research and test platform for science and industry.

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